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RUBI Rubber mallet - flat/spherical sides


RUBI Rubber Mallet , one of the tools most widely used by professional tilers.

  • - 2 sides: one flat on spherical. 
  • - Available in Black or white. 
  • - Allows to strike at any angle. One flat surface and the other spherical.
  • - The spherical face allows hitting the ceramic at any angle.

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  • 250 gr - white
  • 250 gr - black
  • 500 gr - black
  • 500 gr - white
  • 750 gr - black
  • 750 gr - white

More details on the RUBI Rubber mallet - flat/spherical sides

One of the tools most widely used by professional ceramic tile fixers is the rubber mallet.

Within the family of tools and implements for tiling and flooring, professional ceramic tile fixers can find the RUBI flat/spherical-sided rubber mallets.

The main function of the rubber mallet is to facilitate the proper laying and positioning of ceramic tiles during installation.

RUBI flat/spherical-sided rubber mallets give professionals the possibility of working with the traditional flat side, or reducing the contact surface by using the spherical side.

The spherical side of the RUBI flat/spherical-sided rubber mallet allows you to strike ceramic items at any angle and to have greater control over impact. The spherical side also reduces the possibility of moving, involuntarily, the ceramic tile already fitted.

RUBI flat-sided rubber mallets are available in three different weights: 250 gr., 500 gr. and 750 gr., as well as the traditional black rubber or the advantageous white rubber.

The main advantage of using the flat-sided rubber mallet with the white rubber head is that there is no risk of leaving traces of rubber on the surfaces of ceramic tiles.
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