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RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter


The RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter, the evolution of the TX and TX-N range.

  • - Breaking power: 1200 Kg
  • Cuts very hard materials such as: porcelain tiles + extruded stoneware
  • - Mobile separator: lock with ratchet + release with trigger
  • - Cuts tiles with length up to 75, 102 or 125 cm (according to the model)
  • - Cutting height: 3 to 21 mm
  • - Case + 2 scoring wheels (8mm and RUBI EXTREME of 22mm)
Cortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAX con altura de corte de 3 a 21mmCortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAX con separador móvilCortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAX con medición angularcortes repetitivos con la Cortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAXCortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAX con mango softCortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAX con suplemento basecortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAX que incluye maletacortadora de azulejos RUBI TX-MAX de corte seco

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  • TX-710 MAX
  • TX-1020 MAX
  • TX-1250 MAX

More details on the RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter

The RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter is designed for the professional cutting of porcelain tiles and extruded stoneware.

This new serie of tile cutters from RUBI unifies the entire range of the TX and TX-N, in the new TX-MAX range. The evolution of the TX and TX-N in the new tile cutter RUBI TX-MAX with more breaking power (1200Kg), more cutting height (from 3 to 21mm) and with a host of additional improvements.

Features RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter

RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter to cut tiles of hard materials

  • It is a RUBI tile cutter for professional cutting
  • Intensive cutting of ceramic tiles
  • Cuts porcelain tiles and extruded stoneware
  • Breaking power of 1200 Kg
  • Cuts up to 71 cm, 102 cm or 125 cm (depending on the model)
  • Cuts tiles with thickness from 3 to 21 mm (from 3 to 19 mm with protector)

Novelties of the RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter: the evolution of the TX and TX-N

  • Mobile separator with aluminum breaking feet and removable plastic protector. This plastic protector is designed to avoid marking on the most delicate surfaces such as glazed stoneware
  • Locking breaking feet with ratchet mechanism and unlocking by trigger, special to be able to cut and scratch with one hand
  • Higher cutting visibility
  • Tubular steel guides of 30mm diameter (with 2mm thick walls) to avoid pressure when bending the guides
  • Head with extra-long aluminum slides, with self-lubricated friction bushes
  • Multipoint system and square set with central pivoting
  • Ergonomic handle thanks to its soft grip. The trigger anchor is included in this handle for easy
  • Compatible with the whole range of scoring wheels RUBI PLUS

RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter to cut large format tiles

  • Galvanized steel floating base for greater cutting stability
  • Includes supports or supplementary arms to increase the support of large format tiles and prevent movement during cutting (The same as in the models RUBI TZ and TR MAGNET)
  • Reinforced aluminum injection base with central rib for greater robustness of the ceramic cutter
  • Possibility of repetitive cuts and narrow strips thanks to its lateral stop
  • Includes scoring wheel RUBI EXTREME of 22mm ideal for structured porcelain

What are the differences between the models of the new RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter?

Next, we have listed a few technical characteristics that all the models of the RUBI TX-MAX have in common, the evolution of the TX and TX-N.
In addition, we explain all the differences between the different models of the new tile cutters RUBI TX-MAX.

Tile cutter RUBI TX-MAX 750, cuts tiles up to 75 cm.

  • Cutting lenght of 75cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 50x50cm
  • Weight: 13,3 Kg
  • 2 supplementary arms to increase the support surface during the cutting of large format tiles

Tile cutter RUBI TX-MAX 1020, cuts tiles up to 102 cm.

  • Cutting lenght of 102cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 70x70cm
  • Weight: 19,4 Kg
  • 2 supplementary arms to increase the support surface during the cutting of large format tiles

Tile cutter RUBI TX-MAX 1250, cuts tiles up to 125 cm.

  • Cutting lenght of 125cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 85x85cm
  • Weight: 26 Kg
  • 4 supplementary arms to increase the support surface during the cutting of large format tiles
  • Includes handle and wheels for better transportation

*There exist some ceramic materials, with thicknesses exceeding 15mm, which due to their physical characteristics, possible internal tensions or finishes, present difficulties to be cut manually. It is advisable to make some sample cuts to determine the compatibility of the product.

Soon you can buy the new RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter and cut porcelain tiles or extruded stoneware.

The manufacturer preserves the right to change the content at any time without further notice.

Features of the RUBI TX-MAX Tile Cutter

Straight cut
Cutting height3-21 mm
Operable with one hand
Carrying case included
Repetitive cuts
Mobile separator
Angular measurement
Breaker power1.200 Kg
Base supplement
Soft handle
Angular measuring
Cut (wet/dry)Dry cut
Type of manual tile cutterProfessional
Manufacturer Warranty2 years (+ 3 years with CLUB RUBI)

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